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Interpret Titel
The Human Leage Being Boiled / Circus of Death, Single
The Normal warm leatherette / T.V.O.D., Single
Suicide Commando / Dive Stin Scatzor / Das Schreckenskabinett, Single
Changes Fire of Life / Icarus, Single
:wumpscut: The Oma Thule, Single
Orplid Das Schicksal, 10"
Merzbow PINKREAM, 10"
Winterkälte PROGRESSIVE, 10"
Der Blutharsch The Moment of Truth, 10"
Deutsch Katholische Feindschaft Schmerzgrenze, Metallbox (mit LP, 7", T-Shirt)
Rasthof Dachau Blut und Boden, Metallbox (mit LP, 7")
Sonar Sonar, Pic-LP
Sonar Dislocated, 10"
Andxesion Terratorium, Pic-LP
Fleisch macht Böse Genmanipulierte Körper, DLP
DKF / Thorax Red Blood Cells, LP
Atrox Time is now, Pic-LP
Hybrids Mistrust Authority promote Decentralisation, LP
Brighter Death Now Innerwar, LP
Operation Cleansweep Powerhungry, LP
Irikarah Kampf - Sequenzen, Pic-LP
Militia New European Order, 3LP
Altai Chamber Orchestra No Title, Pic-LP
Strafe für Rebellion Der Säemann, LP
Blackhouse Five Minutes after I die, Pic-LP
Various Artists War against Society, 3LP
The Grey Wolves Catholic Priests fuck children, LP
Various Artists 2/3, 3LP
Winterkälte Structures of Destruction, 3LP
Winterkälte No Title, LP
The Moon lay hidden beneath a Cloud Were you of Silver, were you of Gold, Transparent LP
Der Blutharsch First Album, Pic-LP
Current 93 Of Ruine or some blazing Starre, Pic-LP (blue)
Current 93 The Starres are marching sadly home, Pic-LP (red, one side only)
Current 93 Dogs Blood Rising, LP
Current 93 Crowleymass, 12"
Current 93 Looney Runes, LP
Current 93 Lucifer over London, LP
Current 93 Happy Birthday, LP
Current 93 Imperium, LP
Death in June NADA!, LP
Death in June But, what ends when the Symbols shatter? LP (Pink)
Death in June Take Care and Control, PicLP mit CD Kameradschaft
Death in June Burial, LP (Pink)
Death in June Something is Coming, DLP
Death in June Night and Fog, LP (Rot)
NON In the shadow of the sword, LP
Die Wappen des Thodt, Pic-LP In Memoriam, Pic-LP
Megaptera Deep Inside, LP
Throbbing Gristle "...can the world be as sad as it seems?", LP
Puissance Let us lead, LP
Arcana Dark Age of Reason, LP
G.G.F.H. Reality, 12"
G.G.F.H. Eclipse, LP
G.G.F.H. Disease, LP
Cat Rapes Dog Maximum Overdrive, LP
Marilyn Manson Mechanical Animals, DLP